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Semi- automatic spraying line LINE-SE
Semi- automatic spraying line LINE-SE

Semi- automatic spraying line LINE-SE

Semi- automatic spraying line LINE-SE

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Semi- automatic spraying line LINE-SE

It is suitable for spray painting treatment on the surface of workpieces. It is mostly used for painting single pieces or small batches of workpieces, and is used in conjunction with suspension conveyors, electrical cabinet trolleys, ground conveyors and other transportation machinery to form transportation operations.

The components of the coating line mainly include: pre-treatment equipment, powder spraying system, spray painting equipment, powder recovery equipment, heating and drying curing tunnel, heat source system, electronic control system, hanging conveyor chain, etc.

The rotation speed in the rotation area is consistent, ensuring the consistency and stability of the spraying effect, without belt wear, and preventing the equipment itself from causing pollution.

Semi-automatic spraying line

This powder coating line includes manual powder spraying machine, powder coating booth and curing ovens, is ideal for continuous batch production, With the assists of manual overhead conveyor system, it reduce labor for operating big and heavy workparts, such as alumninium profiles.

Powder coating spray gun

Manual powder coating gun is developed for easy and efficient job, suits for both beginners and specialists. Based on JRX advanced technology, especially complex parts can be perfectly coated with this model. 

1.advanced motherboard design, automatic current feedback system, effectively overcome electrostatic shielding effect, greatly improve the powder adsorption efficiency of complex shape and negative angle.Powder coating spray gun

2.airflow control and display is completely digital, precise and stable.

3.soft keys equiped at the spray gun, can be adjusted at any moment.

4.suitable for all kinds of irregular shape parts,corners and grooves.

Input voltage: 200-230V 50Hz

Input power: 40W

Input air pressure: 0.1-0.6mpa

Output voltage: 0-100kV

Output current: 0-200uA

Powder yield: maximum 600g/min

Powder coating booth

Powder coating booth

This powder coating booth has 2-4 working station allows parts recieving coating from both side, parts enter the booth from one entrance and exit from the other through conveyors, continuous coating increases efficiency and ensures application quality.

1. The recovery module combines a group high-precision filters made of 100% polyester that maximize separating efficiency

2. Pulse jet device provides interval filters cleaning, effectively eliminates powder accumulation and prolongs filters' useful life.

3. Full parameters and functions can be handled on the PLC panel, such turning on / off fan, setting pulse-jetting time and interval, light on/off, emergency stop etc.

4. A collection hopper beneath the filter stage ensure the collected overspray powders are clean, and can be easily taken away for recycling.

5. Simple installation - only electrical and air connections are required to start production.

Baking oven with Gas or LGP Heating.jpeg

Powder coating oven

This powder coating oven installed with overhead track system is designed to carry heavy materials into the oven for continuous production, can be heated by electric, gas or diesel as required. Our powder coating ovens features environmental friendly, reducing operating cost and curing more parts everyday.

Configurations & Features

1. PLC system provides a precise and reliable heating process with easy setting of temperature and time.

2. Itatly Riello burner fully burns fuels, quickly reach to required temperature saving your production time everyday.

3. Circulation fans causes uniform temperature in the entire inner space that results in quality cured finishes.

4. 100 mm thickness rockwool board inserted between galvanized steel wall and durable steel skin always keeps the chamber a consistent high temperature with minimum heat loss.

5. It is recommended to take gas or diesel as fuels, which fearures higher heating efficiency and lower energy expense.

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