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Powder Coating Equipment Processing Technology and Acceptance Standards

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I. Processing Technology

**1. Preparation:**

Before embarking on powder coating equipment processing, the initial step involves preparation. This includes cleaning and treating the metal surface to ensure it is smooth and clean, enhancing powder adhesion.

**2. Cutting:**

Cutting is the first step in the entire processing flow. Depending on specific requirements, cutting methods such as CNC cutting and laser cutting may be employed. During cutting, it is crucial to ensure precise dimensions and smooth edges to maintain accuracy and quality in subsequent processes.

**3. Surface Treatment:**

To improve powder adhesion and product corrosion resistance, appropriate surface treatment is necessary. Common treatments include acid cleaning, phosphating, chemical conversion coating, etc., all contributing to enhanced coating adhesion and durability.

**4. Welding:**

Welding is performed on components that require assembly to ensure firm weld seams and structural stability. Choosing the right welding method, such as arc welding or gas welding, is essential based on the specific product requirements.

**5. Powder Coating:**

Evenly apply powder to the prepared metal surface. This step requires ensuring uniform application and a well-formed coating, achievable through controlling the spray thickness and using suitable spray equipment.

**6. Curing:**

After spraying, the workpiece is sent to a curing oven. The curing temperature and time depend on the powder coating used, ensuring complete curing and providing properties like wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

**7. Quality Inspection:**

Conduct a final quality inspection to check the product's appearance, coating thickness, adhesion, and other factors, ensuring the product meets customer requirements and standards.

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II. Acceptance Standards

**1. Visual Inspection:**

The product should exhibit no visible scratches, bubbles, or runs, with colors uniform and consistent, meeting design requirements.

**2. Coating Thickness:**

Use appropriate thickness measurement tools to check the coating thickness, ensuring it falls within the design requirements.

**3. Adhesion Testing:**

Employ suitable adhesion testing methods to verify that the coating adheres to the metal substrate according to standard requirements.

**4. Corrosion Resistance Testing:**

Conduct corrosion resistance tests under different environmental conditions to assess the product's performance in various work environments.

**5. Wear Resistance Testing:**

Perform wear resistance testing to ensure the product has sufficient durability to meet practical usage requirements.

**6. Dimensional Inspection:**

Inspect the product's dimensions to guarantee processing accuracy aligns with design requirements, ensuring normal assembly and usage of the product.


Powder coating equipment processing is a complex and precise craft. Adhering to the correct operational procedures and strict acceptance standards is crucial to guarantee the final product's quality. By following the outlined steps and standards, it is possible to produce powder-coated products with excellent appearance and stable performance, meeting diverse customer needs.