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The application of powder spraying in the specialized vehicle industry

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Powder coating technology is a vital aspect of corrosion protection and surface engineering, particularly significant in the specialized vehicle industry. As construction machinery and coating techniques advance, customer demands for construction machinery coatings have become increasingly personalized and diverse, focusing on corrosion protection, aesthetic appeal, shape, and color.

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Recent years have seen significant developments in coating chemicals for construction machinery, emphasizing specialization, integration, energy efficiency, automation, digitization, intelligence, and environmental friendliness. Powder coating, known for its simple process, resource efficiency, lack of environmental pollution, and high production efficiency, plays a pivotal role in engineering machinery coating processes.

  1. Introduction to Powder Spraying Process:
  2. Powder spraying involves using electrostatic spraying equipment to apply powder coating onto workpiece surfaces. Through static electricity, the powder evenly adheres to the workpiece, forming a powder deposition layer. Following this, the powder layer undergoes high-temperature baking, leveling, and solidification to produce coatings with various effects.
  3. Key steps in the powder spraying process include loading, pre-treatment, drying, electrostatic spraying, curing, and unloading. Pre-treatment involves surface preparation through methods like spraying, degreasing, water washing, and phosphating to enhance surface quality and properties.
  4. Application of Powder Spraying Technology in the Specialized Vehicle Industry:
  5. Engineering Vehicle Frame: Powder coating for engineering vehicle frames must meet quality objectives such as high corrosion resistance, weather resistance, toughness, vibration resistance, and stone impact resistance. Often, a two-coat system is employed, such as electrophoresis followed by powder spraying.
  6. Conventional Semi-Trailers: Two main process designs include electrophoretic primer + powder topcoat and pre-treatment + base powder or base combined top powder. Each process has varying coating quality and requires careful consideration of product structure and surface treatment.
  7. Tank Trucks: Tank trucks require specific pre-treatment methods due to their internal cavity structure. After surface shot blasting, tanks undergo full spray pre-treatment and subsequent powder coating processes.
  8. Box Cars: Two coating processes are used: segmented electrophoresis + external powder spraying and overall electrophoresis + external powder spraying. Each process has its advantages and considerations regarding coating quality and process complexity.
  9. Dump Trucks: Dump truck powder coating focuses on factors like sand accumulation, welding considerations, internal box treatment, and energy consumption reduction, including low-temperature powder applications.
  10. Conclusion:
  11. Powder spraying technology offers energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, automation, and cost-effectiveness, making it increasingly popular in the specialized vehicle industry. The future trends include wider application, further technological advancements, and the development of higher-efficiency electrostatic spraying techniques.

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